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Dr. Lycka's Talk Topics

Dr. Lycka is a proven expert in employee engagement, workplace culture, and retention - he has worked with numerous organizations and creates cultures where employees feel heard and valued. 


As a speaker, Dr. Lycka inspires business owners and managers to forge their own path to success and to develop new strategies that produce long-lasting results.

Below, you'll find just a few of his powerful, transformational topics. 

Keynotes and workshops on Executive Tenacity and G.R.I.T.

Dr Lycka was diagnosed with ALS in 2003 and told, “Get your affairs in order; you have 6 months to live". He is still here because of his persistence, tenacity, and G.R.I.T. And despite this diagnosis, Dr. Lycka dominated the cosmetic surgery industry until he retired in 2019.

By pioneering the future of how employees work, Dr. Lycka concentrates on uncovering strengths, reinforcing business fundamentals, and ultimately producing increased performance.


Dr. Lycka can teach your leadership team these skills, showing them how to use adversity as a positive motivator in your businesses.

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Keynotes for Leaders Dealing with Disengaged Workers, High Turnover and "Quiet Qutting"

Companies often struggle with disengaged employees, high turnover, and a rise in "quiet quitting." If this isn’t solved, it drastically affects a company’s bottom line.

To combat these issues, forward-thinking firms are turning to emotional wellness training and programs that aim to help employees succeed both at work and in their personal lives.

After this workshop, "Living a Happy, Fantastic Life", employees will enhance engagement, be re-energized, have increased resilience, improve productivity, and ultimately benefit the company's financial performance. They will achieve this in an easily implementable 11- point strategy.

Learning Objectives

1. Unlock the hidden cause of disengagement that is accelerating your company’s turnover rate
2. Learn the number #1 KPI that companies do not measure and utilize
3. Discover the correlation between employee happiness and profitability

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Solutions for Employee Engagement and Retention

Employee engagement in some sectors is at an all time low and resignations at an all time high. Traditional HR solutions of compensation and benefits are failing to turn these around. Keeping people positive and happy is paramount, yet most of us don’t understand the real sources that lead to resignation and Quiet Qutting.

Dr. Lycka ran a world-class cosmetics surgery practice for 30 years winning the Consumers Choice Award for 17 of those years because of the team he developed, managed and maintained despite recessions, a highly competitive market, and difficult fiscal times.

He uses the principals he learned and couples them with the business acumen he shows on his Doc Fix That and How to Live a Fantastic Life syndicated radio shows enjoyed by millions.

This presentation is both informational and motivational as Dr Lycka interweaves stories and lessons from his business career with actionable strategies so the audience leaves with skills to increase their own happiness and positively affect their company’s bottom line.

Lectures Given

Connect with Dr. Lycka

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Business Coach, Speaker and Leadership Expert Dr. Allen Lycka
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